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We use the dedicated to the webpage design of today's software, such as Fireworks, Photoshop and so on, we are one. The first study of Fireworks, there are a lot of Fireworks using the method described online, we can praise from some higher rate of video to have a look, see also should edge practice, learn to do a few examples, to master those of process operation, then looked at his instance, will have a very warm feeling, the sense of achievement has been. This to a certain extent, it can learn Dreamweaver, learn to learn you'll find out that the two software if used together, the effect will be better. The next step is to learn the software you heard about it, that is the legendary PhotoShop PS be equal to anything, can let the dinosaurs become angel, learn it, your site is more beautiful handsome, but also afraid of no one to see. Then we should study ImageReady and Flash, they can make your page " moving", as if alive, the worse it, learning, or that sentence, do the work yourself to operation. Finally, should also learn website layout and structure of knowledge, there is a whole grasp of webpage design, achieve have a well-thought-out plan well, so, your site will be very popular.

Here, things to have learned about it, finished these, estimated to be like two or three months, this course will differ from man to man. Then you should practice a lot, you can find a company to practice, choose the place of practice should also consider, to look at the company had no formal development team, after all, are now developing a website has industrialization process, do not need to do front -- interface design, data exchange be able to and the backstage database, this is a team effort to do, so let's do webpage design should cooperate, and programming people can learn from each other, work together to develop a dynamic pages web site users are able to interact with the. Slowly, you design a webpage will be more and more skilled, so you learn a skill, not only enrich their knowledge, to find a job is a master.

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