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The purpose of enterprise website builds a scheme

1. 企业北京BOB体官网手机版方案的策划主要目的在于,能够通过BOB体官网手机版,企业概况,产品服务信息,让客户清楚了解企业产品以及服务信息情况。
Company Beijing website construction scheme of the main purpose is to, through the website home page, company profile, products and services, allows customers to understand the company products and services information.

2. 网站栏目清晰明了,网站本身就是服务企业,为企业带来宣传。栏目之间的设定都是在服务于如何让网站更吸引客户,更能抓住客户心理,方便用户浏览网站而设定制作。
Website column is clear, the site itself is the service enterprises, for enterprises to bring publicity. Between columns set are in service to how to make the site more to attract customers, can seize the customer psychology, is convenient for the user to browse the site and set production.

3. 策划方案还可以反应出网站框架设计是否合理,预计能够达到什么效果,以及后期网站推广工作安排。
Planning scheme can also reflect the website frame design is reasonable, is expected to be able to achieve any effect, and the later website promotion job arrangement.

Enterprise website backstage management system frame design of construction scheme

(1) 网站后台需要进行初步设计,为了方便使用者更新网站产品信息或者服务信息,因为企业的产品或者服务在不断的增加和完善,所以为了方便用户使用,后台需要为客户搭建一个管理平台,产品以及产品分类增加,删除,修改等功能。
( 1) the need for preliminary design of Web site background, in order to facilitate users to update the site information or service information, for the enterprise's product or the service continued to increase and improve, so to facilitate the users, the background needed to build a customer management platform, product and product categories to increase, delete, modify the functions of.

(2) 在线留言以及网站公告:通过在线留言可以方面建立于客户之间沟通的媒介,很多企业网站忽略这点。网站公告可以在第一时间内告诉客户企业新品的发布以及企业近期动态,这样,当自己有新产品推出的时候,总是会第一时间通知到这些客户,也是提高客户服务质量的一种手段。
( 2) online message as well as the website announcement: through online messages can be set up to customers to communicate, a lot of enterprise website to neglect it. The website announced the first time tell the customer enterprise new product release and recent trends, such as their own, a new product launch time, always the first notice to the customer, but also improve the quality of customer service as a means of.

The contents of the construction scheme of enterprise website

Construction site before the market analysis

Related industry market is the market how, what kind of characteristics, whether on the Internet business.

The market analysis of main competitors, competitors to get on the Internet and website planning, functional role.

Company oneself condition analysis, company profiles, market advantages, can use the site construction site promotion what competition ability, ability ( cost, technology, manpower).

Construction site purpose and function orientation

Why should a website, is to establish a corporate image, promotional products, electronic commerce, or the establishment of industry website? Enterprises are the basic needs or marketing extension?

Integrate corporate resources, determine the site functions. According to the company's needs and plans, determine the functionality of the site types:

Enterprise website, website, website of business ( industry website ), electronic commerce website; website is divided into corporate image, product promotion, UEO marketing website, customer service, e-commerce etc..

According to the website function, determining the site should meet the objective function.

Intranet ( intranet ) building and site of scalability.

Web technical solution?

Using HTTP file server, or hire a virtual hosting.

Choice of operating system, using window2000/nt or UNIX, linux. Analysis of investment cost, function, development, stability and security.

Using the template, self-help Station set or personalized development.

Site security measures, hacker, virus protection program ( if using a virtual host, the study by the Professional Company. ).

The choice of what kind of dynamic process and the corresponding database. Procedures such as ASP, JSP, PHP; SQL, access, Oracle database.

Website content and realization way

According to the site to determine the site navigation structure.

General business website should include: company profile, business trends, products, customer service, contact information, such as online message contents. More content such as : common questions, marketing network, careers, online forum, English version and so on.

According to the website of the objective and content of determining the site integration function.

As of flash intros, membership system, online shopping system, online payment, online payment system, questionnaire survey, information search query system, traffic statistics system.

Determining the site structure navigation in each channel columns.

If the company can include: speech of president, development, enterprise culture, core strengths, production base, R & D, partners, customers, customer evaluation; customer service can include: service hotline, service purpose, service project.

Determining the site content realization way.

Products such as the center to use dynamic program database or static page; marketing network is the use of a list or map display.

五、网页设计(Webpage design)

Webpage design and art design, webpage art design generally and enterprise overall image, to meet the enterprises CI specification. Attention should be paid to the webpage, picture color application and page layout plan, keep the webpage of the overall consistency.

In the adoption of new technology to consider the main target audience of geographical distribution, age class, network speed, reading habits.

Making webpage revision program, such as a half year to one year time large scale correcting.

六、费用预算(Expense budget)

1、 企业建站费用的初步预算
The cost of the preliminary budget

According to the general enterprise's scale, the goal of building a station, superior's approval and.

2、 专业建站企业提供详细的功能描述及报价,企业进行性价比研究。
Professional website to provide detailed description of the function and price, cost of enterprises.

3、 网站的价格从几千元到十几万元不等。如果排除模板式自助建站(通常认为企业的网站无论大小,必须有排他性,如果千篇一律对企业形象的影响极大)和牟取暴利的因素,BOB体官网手机版的费用一般与功能要求是成正比的。
Website price from a few thousand dollars to several hundreds of thousands yuan. If we exclude the template type self-help (usually that of enterprise website regardless of size, must have exclusive, if follow the same pattern of the corporate image of great ) and profiteering factors, website construction cost and function requirement is proportional to.

七、网站维护(Website maintenance)

Servers and related hardware and software maintenance, some problems that need to be assessed, developed in response to the time.

Database maintenance, effective use of data is the important content of the web site maintenance, database maintenance to attention.

Content update, adjustment, SEO website optimization.

Make website maintenance requirements, the website maintenance system to change, standardization.

Note: dynamic information maintenance usually consists of enterprise arrangement corresponding personnel online update management; static information (i.e., no dynamic program database support) by Professional Company for maintenance.

八、网站测试(Site test)

Website to conduct careful testing, in order to ensure the normal browsing and use. Main test content:

Text, pictures, whether there is error.

The procedures and database test.

Link error.

Server stability, safety.

Webpage compatibility testing, such as a browser, display.

九、网站发布与推广(Web publishing and promotion)

Site test after the release PR, advertising activities.

Search engine registration.


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