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Date:2012-08-07 Aource:尚品中国 Type:网站百科

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Adhere to the website construction update in more easily by search spider's HuiLin favour

就像人买彩票一样,假如每次买无论大小都能中一些奖,你会不会往往去买?或者你会不会更频繁的去采办?必定会的啊,由于你买的越多越频繁,收获就越多。对于搜索蜘蛛也是一样,搜索自主按照链接,爬行到你的网站研修班 ,假如每次都一无所获自然不会过于频繁的来了。然而相反的,假如网站内容对峙天天更新,或者一天更新好几次。让搜索蜘蛛每次过来都能检索到新鲜的内容,共同内容自己原创并世无双,而且质量度又很是高,那么长此以往权重的提升自然就指日可待了。三天打渔两天晒网的内容更新,一次让蜘蛛撑死,一次又让蜘蛛饿死,如此三番五次的熬煎,搜索蜘蛛必定要放弃。假如说搜索蜘蛛只是整个搜索引擎联动机制的一部分,那么搜索蜘蛛所传递而来的信息,一样是搜索引擎判定网站质量和付与相应权重的重要依据。
As people buy lottery tickets, if every time buy whatever size can some of the prize, you will often go to buy? Or will you be more frequent to procurement? Will it, because you buy more and more frequent, the more you get. For the search spider also is same, search the independent according to link, crawl to your web site training, if every time not too frequent nothing natural. But on the contrary, if the website content confrontation update every day, or update several times a day. Let the search spiders can access to every time over the content of the fresh, common original content and the unique, and of high quality and is very high degree, so in the long run the weights of the enhance natural are assured. Three days of life two days spread fishnets content renewal, a let spider support dead, a and let the spider starved to death, so three transgressions of five times AoJian, search the spider will surely give up. If say search the whole search engine spider is only part of the linkage system, so that a search by spiders of information transmission, as is the search engine judge web site quality and weight into the important basis of corresponding.

The rich content need QiongNianLeiYue, natural need to persevere

Any work have a process, rich content, high quality original writing, always need a QiongNianLeiYue process. Proverb says Rome is not built in a day, the website content also is not a day can rich rise. We can see some weight good peers of the website, you will find the ranking of the fair has several web site features, the first is relatively rich content, links capital is more also, there is the age of the site has been necessary. The content of the website must be a long-term rich between the results of hard labor, not by leaps. Only balance some will likely be natural lasting some, for a new web site for, unless you carefully prepared the very long term rooms, or they should concentrate on doing, also can not at the same content on release hundreds. If really do, waiting for you is probably suspected for malicious for disadvantages and reward the search engine. On the general enterprise web site is concerned, as long as the confrontation update every day, day one to two articles will update is very good. As long as can confront each other every day, the website content rich will not distant hu want to.

It is a soul, high quality content is website essence

No quality of content, a web site the nature is the failed its the meaning of existence. And the actual environment really, many websites, especially small and medium enterprise web site, and most are mostly empty lack content, even if some websites have some content, as well as from other web site copy and duplicate. It said the search engine, is ordinary, visitors to the site, saw this site will also give up, because the search engine has more and more considered the customer experience. Also the fact that their search engine in order to supply more rich content supply wielder retrieval, nature of the website also puts forward some requirements, rich in content and original degree is high, quality is high website, there is no doubt that will be very near the front of the line. So do website optimization period, rich web site content is absolutely the first step will need to carry out. No content sites, even if the chain of the import such as some measures to attract a spider over retrieval, but the content of the empty things, will only make search engine ultimate negative or give up the web site. Based on the content of the website exists is found this idea, the pace of the optimized your site can be roughly determined for, content priority, on links.

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