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大家都知道内部链接的重要性,说实话,做好SEO内部链接真的很费事,要做好内部链接,就要向百度百科学习,的确啊百度百科的内部链接做的真的很好,只要你点击进去一个页面,里面就有个链接指向另一个页面,可以说你可以一直点击下去,简单的说说BOB体官网手机版内部链接的特点 在一个网页导出一个指向另一个网页的链接是一件很容易的事情,不用四处费力求人; 合理内链部署规划让网站中的网页更加具有层次感。你的网站中哪些网页将会参与哪些关键词的排名, 只需从站内其它关联页面上多向其调度些链接过来。 通过网页所获得的站点链接数的多少,搜索引擎很容易识别哪些页面在网站中是重要的; 增加一个网页的内链数目方法很简单,只需要在网站中多建立一些与其内容相关的网页,并将新建的网页内容的关键词链接导入过来即可; 内链的合理使用有助于集中网站内容主题,从而使该主题中的核心关键词在搜索引擎中更加具有排名优势站点中的网页间互链有助提高搜索引擎对网站的爬行索引效率。 下面说说怎么做好网站的内部链接;zac老师是这么说的:
We all know the importance of internal links, to tell you the truth, completes the SEO internal links really looking to do well the internal links, will to baidu encyclopedia learning and, indeed, ah baidu an internal links do really well, as long as you click in a page, it will have a link to another page, can say you can always click on down, simple about website construction the characteristics of the internal links in a web page export a pointer to another web page link is a very easy thing, not easily around one; Within reasonable deploy planning let site in chain web more of administrative levels feels. Your site web page will participate in what what keywords ranking, just from the stand inside other correlation page learn a lot from the scheduling some links to come over. Through the web page for links to the site for how much, search engine is easy to identify which page on the site is important; Add a web page in the number of chain method is very simple, need to be on a web site set up some more its content relevant web pages, and will the new web page content query into over can; In the rational use of chain contribute to the concentration website content subjects, so that the theme of the core keywords in the search engine rankings of the site has more advantages web between each chain help to improve search engine on the web crawling index efficiency. How do website says below the internal links; Zac teacher says so:

H为BOB体官网手机版,cl和c2是分类BOB体官网手机版,P1、P2是分类cl 下产品页面,P3、P4是分类c2下产品。其中的链接关系如下:
H for your home page, cl is classification and c2 home page, P1, P2 is classified under the cl product page, P3, P4 is classified under c2 product. One of the linking relationships are as follows:

Home page links to all the classification home page.

Home page does not directly link to general product page, besides a few need special promotion of products, such as P3.

All classification to other classification home page even home page, general with web site navigation form reflect.

Home page will link back to the web site classification home page.

Home page link to this category classification of product page.

Generally don't link to front page classification other classification of product page.

Product page will link to the website Mu page, general with web site navigation form reflect.

Product page links to all the classification home page, general with web site navigation form reflect.

Product page can link to the same classification other product page.

Product page usually don't link to other classification of product page.


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