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Date:2012-08-02 Aource:尚品中国 Type:网站百科

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SEO即查找引擎优化,UEO即User Experience Optimization的缩写,即用户体会优化,这两者究竟有什么干系呢?笔者依据本人5年的SEO行业经历,谈一下本人的见地。站在百度角度看,在网站优化中,SEO只是手腕之一,UEO是目标,UEO的目的即网站最佳化。
Search engine Optimization is SEO, UEO namely User Experience Optimization of the abbreviations, namely the User Experience Optimization, and both are what involvement? The author on my 5 years of SEO industry experience and talk about my opinions. Standing in baidu perspective, in website optimization, only one of SEO wrist, UEO is the goal, the purpose of UEO website optimization.

1、UEO的目的即网站最佳化(The purpose of UEO website optimization)

The author thought, to do UEO necessary from the site of various aspects of thinking, for example, the price of visit rate content, page of the ease of use, elegant, functions of navigation easy, registered lunch clear quickly and so on. In UEO do have to complete stood in the Angle of visitors on thinking, don't put himself as planners, from the self-reliance website you can invent the many UEO resolution the success or failure of the details of the subject. UEO ready, you will have the same purpose with baidu, baidu may also be more like your web site. This is a benign cycle of history, the author of the world factory in the nets are go this way, after UEO set up fit the optimal website baidu request.

2、SEO只是网站优化手腕(SEO just website optimization of the wrist)

SEO webmaster friends for many well-known, this article reprinted by here don't make much suggests. The author in 5 years experience of SEO, invented some webmaster friends too many rely on SEO, the author thought that SEO just website optimization of a wrist, and website optimization just website operation of a process. Too much by baidu example of SEO punishment, the name of the web site Chinaz webmaster, 236 z there have been many. From the Angle of baidu thinking cap, baidu is search engine, it can be found in the hope the user has a price and good experience content, this is the price of existing baidu. Just caught this, the site has to understand the optimization, is the growth effective contents, growth user experience degrees.


UEO namely to progress the user experience degrees as the gold standard, improve your sites, the structure, function, control, vision, and stick to visitors, progress website visit quantity. Baidu website user experience to request progress degree, we also want to appeal to baidu this request, will also make UEO. Standing in baidu's point of view, we stop SEO's goal should be UEO, as long as turn to the precise, baidu will increasingly love our web site. The author of the workshop of the world UEO stop nets, and in three months later, the web site of the quantity and amount collected has greatly promoted visit, not keen on hair in a chain of the state, the two ZhouZengJin chain number 30 million. SEO to UEO for the purpose, so much more is needless search engine concerns punishment, the website will also enter the positive development stage.

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