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Date:2012-07-31 Aource:尚品中国 Type:网站百科

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Website construction process of the need for attention to detail has a lot of, these details including user experience, also includes the construction of the chain in the future, if the pilot work well, then the next step of the optimization of the promotion will become easy, is have a purpose

The first details: the choice of the domain name. Choose what kind of domain name, it is a big problem, now do enterprise, are not directly said products, but said the brand, a lot of enterprises advertising, are brand as the core, "haier, sincere forever!" Is widely known, at present is not only TV haier, it involves products include electronic kind of all the products, say so, small and medium-sized enterprises in online enterprise website, can use domain name as his own brand, not only can maintain the previous products, but also with domain name expanding business.

Service host is very important. A small old total open his online already has a year website, suddenly find that your website can't open, ask his network management, network management and other work part-time. Later and network communication, just know, because his web space have a gambling website, seizure, enterprise web site was also brought trouble. Old total very angry, the network management of the in the mind also bear very humbled, said: "old total, our website online for more than a year, there is no single from online customer come over!" Finally, the enterprise will shut down web site, the end of the opening of the online business channel. If use space inadvertent, website construction is easy to be involved, especially now that the Internet monitor system is more and more strict, choose a good space is very important!

Copycat phenomenon in enterprise web site copy is also very serious. Any successful model for reference only, if just a simple copy over rough way, then, even with the user access, see so rough website design, don't frown just strange? Even target user group visit their web site, because the site is not professional, and even completely copy copies come from elsewhere, happened to the users have also seen the same web site, then, what did he think? Will go to this enterprise products association is so poorly ah. Deep down again, said any copy results forever just live in the shadow of others, it's hard to do the perfection of industry, don't want to do big enterprise sites in the Internet is hard to survive.

And enterprise website content most copies come here, this is a very adverse to web development, just think, who would like to see some of the old repeated contents, especially search engine to some repetitive it especially bad feeling, not only not included, will also perform site drop right processing. In addition a lot of web site design in column is coarser, lack of new, easy setting several columns, it not only against site optimization, back to a person responsible for feeling.

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