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Date:2012-07-27 Aource:尚品中国 Type:网站百科

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As broadband grows more popular, more and more Internet users, like the establishment of the webmaster more and more, after all, to establish a personal website cost is low, domain name, space and in a year is a few hundred, but how to ChengQianWan personal website to the fore, website content location is very important.

The same type website contrast: identify a website localization, can according to their own web site keywords to search engine check, the same site what, the website scale how, if you can really think of a everybody needs and no one is the direction, that is quite congratulations you, the probability of success is a great many. Of course, not to say that now has a lot of the same type of web site, I won't do it, if you can provide the user really need content, do the special features and differences, there are still great hope.

Feasibility: although build a personal website cost is low, but we here or have to analyse the feasibility of the web site set up, including technology and content late update. After all, money is not the problem, but if set up a small web portal, I want to rely on a single person is not the reality, I advise you to give up or, better make market survey of again. For individual webmaster, it needs money the impact is not big, main is a technology, if do not know a program and artists, I want to give up or for good, of course, do not eliminate someone willing to pay please people realize, after all money makes the mare go.

How to profit: for individual adsense speaking, how to profit is the basic problem, the financial crisis, the personal website profit model is a single, but also so a few kinds, GGAD, advertising alliance, the wrong one, but for a want to development and expansion of the website, obviously not enough if the website localization clear, but couldn't find a good profit model, is direct limit the website development prospects.

Unique content in the location of the web site, they first need to know that the website localization in what level, correctly understand why type of customer service, the content must be assigned to the needs of the users, the only real users need to determine what, can provide real valuable content, attract users second visit, the only way to the site just easy to success.

Website localization is to determine the content of the direction, the direction errors failure, pursuing big web site for small and medium-sized adsense jellyfish concerned, not very realistic, after all to maintain such a large web sites need too many editors, information resources, technical support, promotion and marketing, and so on. The wrong way bigger cost is human, financial and material resources and other waste of resources, even putting a lot of labor, also hard to get in return.

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