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Shangpin takes website construction, cluster construction, business system development, mobile interconnection products, panoramic VR, VI visual design, network security products as its core business. To provide users with one-stop solutions, we are well aware of the fierce competition in the market, take every customer seriously, to provide customers with excellent works, perfect value services. It is our eternal responsibility to make joint progress with our customers.

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Enterprise vision

We will make excellent brand, improve technology and perfect service.

Contribute to the field of creativity


Talent + Innovation + Service

We have created many influential works. We have the most influential website design team, excellent designers, experienced developers, young and dynamic media animation producers, professional website planning consultants, well-equipped photographers. Excellent maintenance team to ensure service quality


Brand planning + original design

Our designer graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and respected the originality. Under the guidance of professional strategies, starting from the needs, guiding the market, scientific analysis, so as to make the design more purposeful. We have experienced, creative, enthusiastic and dedicated designers. We will help customers build a thoughtful website according to their actual needs.


Create long-term value and grow together with customers

  • 2017年
    Get CMMI3 certificate.
  • 2016年
    Design the official website of Beijing new airport; design the website group of Management College of Peking University.
  • 2015年
    By 2015, we have designed 100 school websites.
  • 2014年
    We have successfully served 1000 large enterprises, scientific research units and state departments.
  • 2013年
    For four consecutive years, we have been recognized as the preferred website design enterprise in Beijing by the Industry Design Alliance, and we have entered the field of innovation.
  • 2012年
    Shangpin was assessed as a contract-honoring and credit-creative company by the Beijing Contract Management Association. In the same year, it was assessed as a computer software company by the Beijing Science and Technology Commission.
  • 2011年
    Shangpin has become an Adobe licensed design and use user, solving the copyright disputes that users are worried about.
  • 2010年
    Shangpin has developed a CMS with independent intellectual property rights and obtained the copyright issued by the National Copyright Administration of China
  • 2009年
    We always adhere to high quality service, and users have exceeded 1000 in three years
  • 2008年
    Shangpin has become an excellent partner of Baidu and 阿里巴巴 Cloud with excellent sales performance and perfect service quality.
  • 2006年
    Shangpin registered the first international domain name www.sino-web.net and became a partner of CNNIC. After the first official website was completed, a group of passionate young people entered the Internet industry.

Famous customers

Signing for each customer service commissioner, to provide long-term backup for project data, to provide free lifetime technical support, we produced all the designs are strictly controlled, to ensure the client satisfaction, we hope to achieve a steady cooperation with customers, to create long-term value and grow together with customers.



ShangPin qualification

since 2006

Shangpin has been China's Internet comprehensive service provider since 2006. It has been rated as a gold website design enterprise by the industry alliance for six consecutive years.
Beijing abiding by contract and credit enterprise.Has 6 software certificate, CMMI3 certificate, software licensing, and so on.

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